Welcome to Bird Raptor Internacional S.L.

Bird Raptor Internacional S.L. has been created in order to effectively solve all problems related to the presence of avian fauna (e.g. in and around airports, agriculture, animal breeding) with a quick and ecologically safe method.

After 15 years of research Bird Raptor Internacional S.L. has developed a unique and patent-pending system which will finally be able to give a serious answer to this matter. The patent pending system is named “FALCO ROBOT GBRS (Gregarious Bird Removal System)” and is the result of a joint effort of the technical and scientific development teams of the company.

The teams exist of expert ornithologists who are concerned with the scientific part and our aeronautical engineers and skilled aircraft-pattern pilots who take care of the technical part of the development of this unique bird management system.

Starting from self-study and the discovery of the existence of the “FEAR GENE” in birds, which is present in certain areas of the brain of gregarious birds (Rutgers University, New Jersey), Bird Raptor Internacional S.L. has created and patented a system, which acts specifically on this gene. It brings gregarious birds into a nervous and rushed flight of out the treated areas, resulting in the birds not returning to the zones patrolled by the Falco Robot GBRS.

Many instruments that are used for expelling birds only act on “frightening” birds (e.g. with the help of small guns, blank shots, distress calls) but this cannot avoid birds from returning after only a few minutes.

The Falco Robot GBRS, instead, with its perfectly identical and natural raptor-shape, acts on the “FEAR GENE”, thus pushing gregarious birds not only to a hurried escape but it also induces them to not get back to an area considered dangerous, conjuring the risk of getting used to iterated and artificial stimuli.

The Falco Robot GBRS is in fact is not static but flies around very actively, while simulating attacks on its “preys” in the way our remotely controlling operators want or are instructed to do.

It is the goal of Bird Raptor S.L. to continuously explore and ultimately solve the global bird strike problem. Our development teams are for that reason constantly designing new systems while upgrading and improving bird management systems already in operation.

Bird Raptor Internacional’s Main Services Include:

  • Management and advice in the fields of bird-strike and bird management or bird pest control. We provide solutions to the impact of animals on airplanes and the problems associated with birdlife in airport facilities or other areas
  • Design, development, production, marketing, distribution, sale, import, export, transfer of rights of Falco ROBOT GBRS (Gregarious Bird Removal System) and in general for all materials relating to bird pest control
  • Other Services offered: Bird Problems Consultancy
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