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There are many beautiful, lavish cities, within the country of England, but none can hold a candle to vibrant city of London, which is the capital of the country. The city, which is positioned on the extremely famous Thames River, is considered to be a centerpiece to some of the world’s music, fashion and political trends. Overall, the city is very large and contains a number of different districts, including Soho, Westminster and Bloomsbury. Regardless of your reasons for visiting the city, you will need to find suitable lodging, in order to stay safe and get a good night’s sleep. Thankfully, the city offers a range of affordable and luxurious lodging options, which range from seventy Euros a night to one hundred and forty. Of course, you want your trip to be memorable, so you’ll want to splurge. In this guide, you will discover the most luxurious hotels in the entire city.

Palmers Lodge Swiss Cottage
A stay at the Swiss Cottage offers a lavish night’s sleep, which makes it difficult to leave. You’ll feel obliged to wake up early and enjoy the immaculately decorated hostel. In many situations, a hotel is nothing more than a place to sleep, but this one offers an amazing view, a historically restored building and an onsite bar. Overall, the rooms are clean and homey. At this facility, you’ll be able to benefit from reception throughout the night, as well as free Wi-Fi access. Before you embark on your journey, you will want to fill your stomach, with a delicious free breakfast, which is severed at 7:30 and 10am.

The Historical Clink 78
If you’re interested in enjoying a bit of rock and roll history, you’ll want to book a room at the Clink78 on King’s Cross Road. The building, which formerly served as a courthouse, has housed some famous celebrities including the rock and roll group, The Clash and Charles Dickens. During Dickens’s stay, he developed the idea for one of his most famous books, Oliver Twist. The overall design of the hotel is cool, fresh and stylish. If you’re looking for something modern, you’ll fit in perfectly at the Clink78.

The Nice, Quiet Shepherd’s Bush
Those, who are looking for a nice quiet getaway, will definitely want to explore one of St. Christopher’s Inns. This London hostel is a wonderful choice and offers a bar, which is open throughout the night. If you’re going to select one of these motels, be sure to check The Shepherd’s Bush, which offers Internet access, as well as an entire library, which is packed full of travel books. The friendly and calm atmosphere cannot be beat, by any of the other motels in the area. A free breakfast and clean beds are among the few luxurious, at this cozy little hotel.

Overall, London, England is a wonderful city, which can be enjoyed by an entire family. Just make sure that you choose a motel that fits your entire family. By taking the time to choose a good hotel, you’ll be able to enjoy your trip to the fullest, without any troubles.

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