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Google Sitemap may help you to improve your search engine ranking, and it can be also helpful to increase the number of pages indexed by the search engine. As you are already aware about standard site map made for human, a search engine site map is totally different from it. It is a text file usually in .xml or .txt format, which gives information to search engine crawler when they visit to your site. By doing so, you can help search engine to decide that which pages should be indexed, which pages should be not indexed, or which pages are more important. This technique can be useful to improve your page ranking in Google.

You can take the paid service from many sites to produce your sitemap. However, why do you waste your money?, when you can do it free of cost. Sitemap is a great feature for webmasters by Google, and it is free of cost. It is a great idea for SEO services. If it is your concern that Google should do index each content of your website, then sitemap should be essential part of your internet marketing strategy. It makes easier to supply the content to crawler as compare to find it automatically by search engine crawler. What is the necessity of search engine sitemap? Does it have any worth? If you belong to internet marketing company, or you developed a site for business purpose, you create content to attract visitors to your site. However, if your content is not indexed by search engine, then how will be it beneficial for you? Once you observe the statics available to you, you will have to change your opinion.

When Google Sitemap initially launched on the web, it was very difficult to use it as well as how to develop sitemap. It was XML based suitable for small sites, but it was difficult for large websites, which have lots of content. After sometimes Google launched sitemap generator, it is a program which helps to create sitemap for sites. It helps to create sitemap easily and fast.

Deep linking is a big problem with large sites. Due to this, normally all web pages of large sites do not get indexed. By generating the sitemap of all your pages, your pages can be easily indexed by search engine. You should have XML generated file on your site that works as a messenger to send any changes, updates, and data to Google. Once you have developed XML file, the next task for you is constantly updating your XML file. You can use Generator. It will spider your site, lists all the URLs and automatically submits them to Google. Regularly updating your site must to get the full advantage of Google Sitemap.

Google Sitemap has priority option; you can give priority to your page from 0.0 to 1.0. 0.0 represents the least 0.5 is in the middle, and 1.0 represents the highest. The certain pages in your site may more importance than others, home page generally be a very important page of your site, and webmaster gives less importance to pages, which are deep linked in sites. By placing priority on these pages, you can label the importance of pages in Google.

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