Interview Vicente Carulla González on Intereconomia TV

Vicente Carulla González, president of Bird Raptor Internacional, is explaining the success of Robot Falcon GBRS on Intereconomia TV

Falco Robot training

A flying display of the Falco Robot GBRS


Falco Robot GBRS at Genoa Airport

A display of the effectiveness on bird control of the Falco Robot GBRS at Genoa Airport



Bird hits jet engine (In Super-Slow-Motion)


ThomsonFly 757 bird strike & flames captured on video

This incident was video recorded by Simon Lowe. 233 people where on board this jet bound for Lanzarote. The number 2 engine sucks in one bird (a crow or corvid) as the plane rotates off the runway.


Bird Strike on Landing

Bird striking a plane as it is just about to land in Naples, Florida. Flown by James Rodriguez, from the UK, whilst on his first check out flight in the USA.