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Russian ski resort – lions, camels and time traveling


At last I was in the mountains. Every year I used to see people around me, who suddenly appeared in the middle of the harsh Estonian winter in with some tanned sunglasses on. Coming somewhere from the Alps. Now it was my turn, here in the Caucasus, under the watchful eye of Elbrus in Dombai.

Of course, I had great fear at the first day. I still didnt know how to properly adjust my legs when I already had to sligh down along the soft bowl. When the speed went too fast, I could just fall down to break my ride.

However, when we got down from the high end of life, I decided to try a new momentum the next day. With just a couple of numbers smaller boots. Another day, another beginning. I put on headphones to play Maserati or some old Black Sabbath and the adrenaline became a new friend of mine. But Dombai is not an aveage ski resort. Here is the village the streets are lined with babuška who sell home-made jams, honey and airon (yogurt-like drink), wool socks, hats and scarves, sheepskins, and fifteen mixed tea plant for effective treatment.

In addition, I think you could only find from Dombai interesting quirks like a caged lion in the mountains or a camel. Let’s ask the brother of the owner of the hotel – why a lion. (animal rights fighters, please skip the following line).“Just no reason (Prosta)! My brother loves pets.”And so the lion freezes in the snow, hangs out in 3x3m size cage and chews some bloody bone.

When you step inside the same hotel, you can travel back in time exactly 32 years – this is just how long the largest hotel in Dombai has not seen any renovation. All stands still since 1976.  At the time it used to be a 5 star hotel and better than any other in the West. Although a bit dull and rusty, the internal design attracts my eye. Square, monumental, ugly. In other words, exotic.

But as we didn’t have any money for hotel, we decided to rent a Khrushchev’s cheap apartment.Dombai lies in Karachay-Cherkessia republic in and local karachaivski speak their own language. Welcome is Salam Alaikum. In order to learn the difficult word- karachaivski –  you can buy a bottle of beer and stare at the karachaivski tag until the bottle runs out.

This is how old men with thick golden neckglesses stare their bottles of beer sitting up in the mountains with their naked torso, enjoying good life. The sun was not so generous with white Estonian girls. By the second evening we were all with red and swollen face. Riina, poor thing would have got a severe diagnosis from the doctor: the becoming of a turtle.


The next day, he wore a mask and at the time we needed to negotiate something she politely turned her back.

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