Main Services Include:

  • Management and advice in the fields of bird-strike and bird management or bird pest control. We provide solutions to the impact of animals on airplanes and the problems associated with birdlife in airport facilities or other areas
  • Design, development, production, marketing, distribution, sale, import, export, transfer of rights of Falco ROBOT GBRS (Gregarious Bird Removal System) and in general for all materials relating to bird pest control
  • Other Services offered: Bird Problems Consultancy

Our main product is the FALCO ROBOT GBRS (Gregarious Bird Removal System), which is a flying aircraft model that perfectly imitates its natural homologous, the goshawk (Accipiter Gentilis), a big, powerful and aggressive raptor. With its natural aerial movements (circling, attack, over flight), it permanently removes birds over vast areas and is never letting them getting accustomed to a fixed pattern or an artificial and repetitive sound or visual deterrent.

Moreover, the Falco Robot GBRS:

  • is active over vast areas
  • is always ready to use
  • is completely checkable
  • is easy to manage and service
  • is very versatile and not cumbersome
  • is designed to be environmentally friendly, eco-friendly, and nature friendly
  • is very effective in permanently removing Gregarious Birds over vast areas

The Falco Robot GBRS, which can be also integrated with other bird management systems, makes the use of traditional falconers and the whims of their animals redundant, giving you complete autonomy of a rapid and precise intervention, if and when it is necessary.

As with any other aero model the Falco Robot GBRS has to be piloted and be under control at all times. The Falco-Robot GBRS can fly as a real falcon or hawk following specific Flying Protocols for which we use our own and very well trained aero model pilots.

Please contact us here or via the details on the right, either by e-mail or a phonecall for more information.

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